Open Studio Workshops

Open Studio

Open studio is the time we open our studio for people to come and play with us. You can schedule a suncatcher workshop, a dichroic pendant workshop, pictures in glass, wind chimes or fused glass coasters and more.
Open Studio hours are:
Thursday's 1pm – 4pm
Saturday's 1pm – 4pm
Reservations Required

Suncatcher Workshop

Beginners Workshop $18.00

Explore your creative side and join us in one of our suncatcher workshops and create a one-of-a-kind piece of fused glass art, using multiple pieces of colored glass, glass frit and strings of glass.
This workshop includes all materials.

Dichroic Pendant Workshop

Beginners Workshop $49.00

Come and explore the magic of dichroic glass and create your own one-of-a-kind dichroic pendants. Students will create 3 medium-sized or 5 small pendants.
This workshop includes all materials.

Pictures in Glass Workshop

Beginners Workshop $30.00 and Up

Use glass as your canvas and create a picture in glass using multiple pieces of colored glass on a clear glass base.
This workshop includes all materials.

Wind Chime Workshop

Beginners Workshop $36.00 and Up

Create a bright and colorful design on a piece of glass to be fused in our kiln and strung into a wind chime.
This workshop includes all materials.

Fused Glass Coaster Workshop

Beginners Workshop $50.00

Create your own unique set of fused glass coaster using mosaic cutters to cut up pieces of colored glass and arranging them on a piece of clear glass, then adding stringers of glass and frit to create your one-of-a-kind design.
This workshop includes all materials.

Fused Glass Plate Workshop

Beginners Workshop $49.00 and Up

Create a beautiful and functional art piece by layering colorful pieces of glass on a clear base to be fired and slumped into a plate.
This workshop includes all materials.

Parties and Groups

Beginners Workshop $15.00 & Up Per Person

Come and have your party at Summers Glass.
- Birthday Parties - Ladies Night Out - Family Reunions - Home School Groups - And More


Fusing I in a Mini Kiln

Beginners Workshop $69.00 plus $20.00 materials

This class is designed to instruct you on the fundamental principles of fusing in a rapid-fire kiln. Students will make several pieces in this class.

Fusing II

Beginners Workshop $130.00 plus $50.00 materials

Come learn the art of fusing in a large kiln. Students will learn about firing schedules, glass preparation, compatibility, slumping, painting with light, stringers manipulation and more. Students will make several projects.

Stained Glass

Beginners Workshop $120.00 plus materials

Learn the art of Stained Glass in our 6 week class. Create a beautiful stained glass window approximately 9” x 14”.

Glass Cutting

Beginners Workshop $30.00

Whether you are new to glass, or an old hand and want to improve your skills this is the class for you. This class will teach you how to cut glass. Especially good for fusing & mosaic students who want to enhance their glass experience.

Intermediate Stained Glass

Intermediate Class $99.00

Take your stained glass skills to the next level.

Mosaic Madness

Beginners Workshop $49.00

Create a one-of-a-kind piece of Mosaic Art.

Wire 101

Beginners Workshop $29.00

Learn how to work with wire and about different types and gauges of wire and tools.

Contemporary Copper Necklace

Intermediate Workshop $49.00

Create a one-of-a-kind contemporary copper necklace using hand forged pieces of copper and beads.